Check 3D Models for Assimp Dx11 with Open 3D Model Viewer? & some questions

Im looking for a fast way to check if meshes would work with VVVV using Assimp.

Is it correct to assume that if a model is correctly imported and displayed in Open 3D Model Viewer ( its based on assimp ) that it should work with VVVV?

Im asking because im having Problems that might just be related to Bone Count & parent Child transform stuff. Its displayed correct in open3dmod but not in VVVV with assimp.


Is Assimp in VVVV on an older .net version? Is there an older Version of Open3DMod that might just work exactly like Assimp in VVVV to be able to quickly check if a mesh and its transforms are working correctly?

All Skinning nodes seem to have a limit of 60Bones, would more bones work?
Bone names and Id are very often “null” …

Best working formats are obj & fbx in my experience…

hey, they kinda might work if u see them in open3dmod however there is new plague called 0 vertex subsets, witch use to happen if you export from 1.5 collada exporter.
Best way so far to check everything in scene explorer in vvvv
With bones, NO. 60 bones is hardcoded limitation (i think more for the dx shaders then importer) so i’m pretty sure if u want more u need something special

forget 60 bones limitation, that’s not a thing anymore with dx11 and dynamicbuffers. I imported once a tree model with 250+ bones and all of them were working fine:P

thx for the replies!

250+bones :) i was asking because 65 joints is the standart for mixamo Autorigs with 5 fingers. so close :X

but its possible to reduce it ->

I have just tested exporting from open3DMod and use the exported files in VVVV with assimp:

open3dMod issues:
.x, .assxml crash the exporter

not working formats in VVVV assimp:

working in VVVV assimp:
3ds : displaying bones in Sceneexplorer / not names
Dae : displaying bones in Sceneexplorer / not names
Obj : Bones lost
ply : Bones lost

just checked if there was an advantage in importing a model to open3dmod & then export to a well working format for VVVV.
It does not seem to help.
I used the sample 3d Model from open3dmod

open 3d mod Sample export files (738.8 kB)

@gegenlicht: FBX also works with bones and shit. .dae and .fbx is the 2 most stable formats with assimp in vvvv feature-wise
.obj and .ply is only object description, not scene and animation so they won’t have bones either