Cheap precise timing

I am hosting a party new years eve. And I am planning on making some cool visuals or stuff involving flourecent tubes for midnight.

my problem is that even though I syncronize the time on my computer so it is quite precise, I experience that it can get up to around 30seconds out of sync.

is there a way to achieve sync that is precise enough that when the telly reach midnight, so does my computer? I know about expensive clocks and such, but is there a way that does not involve expensive hardware and is still precise within a second?


if you have internet you could do it like this

atomuhr.v4p (6.8 kB)

Cool U7 that sseems like a good way of getting the time precisely

just hope that website is online when new years eve arrives ;)

@Elias I am planning on modifying the patch to be kind of guerrilla NTP to keep it running if the website is down

maybe like this ?

syncWindowsClockwithInternet.v4p (10.5 kB)

That seems to work even better… a bit brutal to just change the time, but I am pretty sure I will not run into causality problems on my laptop

brutal ? :)