Cheap and easy HD DVI/VGA input card

I feel like I have been searching for these for a while now and would just like to post a link for anyone looking to build a (resolution independant) HD video mixxer for under $2000 (US dollars).
I have ordered mine and already have a “shuttle on steroids” to put it in.

The two input card is around $1200 and the one input is around $800. They have wdm drivers so they will work flawlessly in VVVV. The mixer app should be easy for most of us here. And it doesn’t depend on “broadcast standards” you can throw most any arbitrary resolution at these and they keep separate two streams.

so here they are:

sounds interesting, keep us updated how it works (esp. latency you have)
i wonder why they only built a single-link dvi into these devices.
have you also bought one of their graphics cards?
“When a EMS graphics card is used, the XtremeRGB-Ex2 transfers the data directly to the graphics card thereby increasing performance”

the cards distributed by ems are the same cards you can find here:.
As driver updates are much faster on the datapath homepage i think datapath is the “real” maker of these cards.
I used them often and very successfully (especially the VisionRGB-E1) in the past.


Intensity Pro™ US$199