Character movement/physics in vvvv

hi guys, for a long time I use vvvv almost as game engine, in my projection i use x360 controller, with onscreen interface so during vjing i actually move around in crowd, playing kind of game.

Now I use just flying camera, with no physics, but is it possible to have character moving in 3d just like in game? In a way that you dont fall through stuff, can walk around building and land. I always thought that these kind of things can be done only in engine/physics specifically wrote for this purpose and that its hard to work with this in open source enviroment. My friend is using unity for projections to get this effect btw.

it just came to my mind to actually ask after I saw u7angel car .)

yap, you’d start with

also bug microdee to share his node10 bullet-workshop files…

here you go: bulletphysics-tutorial-and-samples

thanks, and how is it with performance? cause i tend to use hude world with many features, in which i can fly with cam and find different scenes, i alredy use boids heightmapdisplacment, and lot of spreaded geom for rain etc. so i think if i would want to use physics only way is to work with small scenes, and that its hard to implement in into my current work

some pics to show what i mean

ummm but yeah, its probably all just about optimalization

hmm those kind of worlds are alright out of the box i think. for high resolution meshes use a lower resolution collision mesh in bullet or bounding boxes

thanks for halp!