Character animation

hey guys,

someone knows how to build and animate a simple 2d character? i tried it by modifying the bone node and using several transform pipelines but it seems to me not the easiest and most efficient way. i found some articles about 3d character animation in vvvv but i just need to animate a character like this with hands. maybe someone had dealt with this or a similar topic in the past or someone knows a good reference? i appreciate every help.


JumpingJackTest.jpg (180.3 kB)

Hi, that’s something I’d like to learn more about. I have built many rigs like that in After Effects using hierarchies and moving the pivot points of the limbs. I don’t know how to do that in vvvv, though I have tested Animata with vvvv a little (not a full rig just getting vvvv to talk to Animata). Animata can build either hard or soft puppets and be controlled by, for example, vvvv in real time.

I would like to learn how to rig a puppet just in vvvv though…

try InverseKinematics (2D 2Bone)

thank you very much. looks good.

i’m currently working on nodes for dealing with character animation, so i’m glad to hear there’s people interested in this topic.

there is a wiki page over here, but unfortunately it’s not up to date at all.

However, with the current state of development, you would create and pose a skeleton just like in this example: clickediclick.

Replacing the quads with whatever your jumpin’ jack consists of, could help. If this is of any interest for you, you can pm or skype me, until i updated the wiki page.

ohyeah, i’ve read this threat before posting here. it seems exactly what i am looking for. but i didn’t find your userpage and i still don’t know how to contact you. (i’m rather new to this forum :/)

a quick announcement for those still interested: the character animation nodes mentioned above are available for download now.

I updated the VVVViki page. Also there are two tutorials explaining how those nodes work together ( Creating skeletal animation and Skinning with vvvv’s skeleton nodes ), as well as a short video showing some result which evolved while playing around.