Character animation opportunity

I am seeking an enthusiastic and talented up and coming character animator to collaborate on a project. I am a stand-up comedian who wishes to produce one or possibly a series of animation shorts. Basically an online virtual stand-up comedian.

Please email to express your interest, and be sure to attach examples of your work. I look forward to hearing from you.

Hey broh I see you posted in every cg forum under the sun, I’m sure the guys at cg-whatever will be able to help, here mostly unemployed pirates, asocial looters, middle-age stamp collectors and cannibal cyber goth freaks, we don’t just animate characters, we fucking charge them with our fucking skills, wind them up, and watch them go like a fucking ADHD ridden child running for his Ritalin. As a comedian, you could have made this advert a little more colourful, Ross Mills from New Zealand, having enjoyed a joke or two in the past, I am rather miffed.
vvvv is to make real-time applications, interactive 3d shit, input/output stuff, you know visuals, robots, art installation, light installations. You 're welcome here, have a cookie and tell us a joke broh.
Toodle pip

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