Channel<Spread> to Spread<Channel> conversion?

I’ve been trying to make “radio-selectable” with ImGui and encountered an interesting problem - what if it were possible to convert Channel with Spread to Spread of Channels on the fly?

I still don’t understand how I can do this trick without this feature.


newest preview build allows to use Select (ByPath) to do just that.

this patch shows yet another way to do it:
Selectables.vl (26.3 KB)
We might add this SetSlice (Channel) to the CoreLib as well later on.


I was able to do what I had in mind like this
There is a feeling that the solution lacks a bit of elegance.

SelectablesRadio.vl (28.9 KB)

What’s that merge for? What exactly is it that my solution was lacking?

Hey, I apologize for the misunderstanding. I was talking about my solution. Your solution is awesome!

Look at what I’m trying to do.
I’m trying to make it so that only one of the selected objects can be selected at a time.