Changing videos

“I install MainConcept DV to open DV in AVS. maybe, i must use another DV decoder”

hi ! I had by the past many troubles with dv codecs from main concept software . they are in a way that is not well supported .
by other apps ( Premiere Pro, and others ). time troubles occures also from time to time.

try to use cmicrosoft ones, maybe it could help. radius cinepaks if handled ?

In my system, MS decoder dont work in AVS. AVS just cant find it to decode. now i use indeo codec and with it, my mixer patch work with
70% CPU load on my single core AMD64 3800. it’s much more. I need to use about 40%, i think. With AVS and Indeo i get all 90% =). But
i cant join avi’s to optimize my patch, bcs joiner dont work for me . Wall =)

hi guys,

hope i post this in the right category.

i have a video which lasts 8hs. therefore this AVS-joined method comes very convenient - thanks a lot for the contributions, it helps a lot.

but there is still a question remaining:

with the file-stream node i have the possibility to jump to each moment in the timeline (do seek). this is not possible anymore using elektromeier´s approach, right?

do you guys have an idea how this could be achived?

thanks a lot for an answer,

its possible with that method…

its just the problem that my patch that writes the duration of each avi doesnt work correct and just writes 0 for all avis…

if you do that file manual it should work…

hi elektromeier,

thanks für your quick reply…

but i don´t understand, what do you mean by “if you do that file manual it should work…”

could you please explain that? would be really kind.



avi synth jopins the single videos to one big video. filestream opens the .avs script and gets the joined videos from avisyth and thinks its one big video. and since its one big video for filestream you have to jump to the right positions for the single avis.

my scriptgenerator writes the start and endpoints of the singe avis in a separate file (.dur)

the player patch opens that file and serves filestream with the according times when you change the avi index pin.

the problem is that the scripgenerator patch doesnt work correctly and just writes all zeroes for the start and endtimes. until i have fixed that bug you can try to edit the .dur file manually and enter the start end endtimes of each single avi.

format is sinple:
startime endtime startime endtime startime endtime…
0 53 53 60 60 88

the order of the avis is like dir lists the folder…

hope that helps
cheers ele

Ok, i found the trick to get files duration…

In the AVIjoinScripter patch you can see the aviparser node. Its texture out pin is connected to a quad itself connected to a hidden renderer. Just show up the renderer (by right clicking on it) and then the duration should compile…and everything is working fine : quick tests using Indeo5.1 codec (with 1 keyframe every frame) and the result is superfast scratching and switching :)

…except this stopping issue in loop mode when switching videos as mentionned above…which seems to come for doin seek and this -0.1 connected to the end time : the position then return -0.1 so it freezes.

Just tried a new technique which solved the loop problem, at least for me : making a fake AVI out of the avisynth script thanks to ffdshow and its makeAVIS tool.
Then i read out this avi in the filestream; keeping the .dur to navigate between videos…and i’ve also removed this -0.1 connected to the end time (not sure if its really necessary). Now it stops freezing and the seeking loop time seems ok (still a quick overlapping between 2 videos sometimes)

Let see what happens with further experiments :)

Desaxismundi, i test u way, but when i select fake avi file vs avs, loop problem not solved. Some tracks looping, but some not. I think, fake avi file just load avs script as avi. It’s all.

UPD: Finally, thats all- FFDShow decoder. it loop correctly. I decode my mjpeg videos by it instantly by PICVideo decoder and all loops works fine. But, loop must be always =1. And, it’s more than intresting, if we create fake avi, on my AMD 3800+ i have only 30% CPU load. But if i load avs i get 70%. But with mjpeg fake avi we have frames from other loops in playing loop.

Glad to hear ;D

we have frames from other loops in playing loop.

yep same goes here…dunno how to solve this. Working on it.

bugfix (no more empty .dur file):