Changing the whole resolution of vvvv?


I’m using a monitor resolution of 1440x900 and all vvvv objects and it’s font size are very small. Is there any possibility to enlarge vvvv’s resolution, so that vvvv becomes easier to operable for poor eyesight? A global zoom button?

maria ;)

helo maria,

*on xp try this:
rightclick on your desktop > properties > advanced > allgemein (i.e. the first tab)
here you need to set your dpi settings to: 96

*on win7 try that:
rightclick on your desktop > Screen Resolution > Make text and other items larger or smaller.
then in the left column: Set Custom Text Size (DPI): Choose 100%/96DPI

this makes sure vvvvs fonts are displayed as designed. but see also how bilderbuchi is not satisfied with vvvvs resolution. maybe that helps.

yeah, actually this helped me getting better at blind typing - the descriptive name boxes in the inspector never show their content when typing into them. :-P