Changing Pitch on the guitar using VVVV

Hi all, im just going to start working on a project using VVVV and i’d like some help.

i’ve got the arduino Atmega 328 processor and a flexiforce sensor ( and i thought to build a pitch-changer to my guitar. I plug in the guitar to the line-in on my sound card and want to be able to change the pitch on that signal using the flexiforce sensor. So when i press the sensor, the pitch changes to a higher tone…

So, how to build this in VVVV and use it in Arduino? Im new to the program.


i may be proven wrong but vvvv is not the best program for sound manipulation. the arduino box should already send MIDI or OSC, use that with some audio software, plugin, etc. if you need a dedicated solution have a look at Puredata.

I also had to find out that its not the best for VSTs and audio processing in general. Can do basic things, but the focus is really on the visual part.

For building your own synths/effects in a modular environment check these:

Good luck and post some clips :)

would be cool though, if you pressed the sensor you could physically change the pitch, from the upper neck part as oposed to wher ethe tremolo stick goes in.

If you just want to run a pitch changer on guitar I’d recommend a whammy VST, whammy is a guitar-specific pitch pedal. There’s one in Native Instruments guitar rig.

You can run Guitar Rig as a standalone program and send MIDI to it from vvvv.

good luck!