Changing Brighness of each Pixel in DVI Input stream?

Hey at all,
I have a question and I hope you might be able to help me.
Depending on different Input data which I receive from another sytem, I have to change the brightness of an Video Stream which I could receive, for example via DVI input grabber card.
The brightness must be adjustable for nearly each pixel.
I was thinking about using an Alpha mask.

But I never did something like this with vvvv and I am not sure if this could work. What do you think, would that work???



to have an immediate result, there is the pipet way, wich is consumming ressources as CPU and not GPU based. it depends of your input resolution: quads are created and you use pipet to set alpha. each quad becoming a pixel.

a shader approach may be possible with Tex.x coordonates:

simply add/subtract/multiply with another texture in a simple shader.

see quick approach attached (3.6 kB)