Changing between patches with arduino button

hello patchers!

I am a newbie to vvvv and could really, really use some help with a project i am doing right now. I have tried to find a solution, but don’t seem to find a good way of doing it. Here is the problem…

I would like to make a spread of subpatches in a patch, and want to select them one by one by pressing a button connected to an arduino. When they are selected they should view fullscreen. Is there anyone who knows how to do that, or could give me some tips please? please? please?

thanks in advance!
greetings jeroen

Change the “Subpatch #” IOBoxes into actual subpatches that output a texture. And are you sure you mean a “spread” of subpatches, or several individual subpatches? This is made for the latter.

Your loving Guest.

Texture From Subpatch.v4p (9.5 kB)

wauw, thank you loving guest! This this what i needed! You are the best!

greetz Jeroen

You’re welcome, we can but try… ;-)