Changes in the xml-structure of the v4p-file?


i guess this is a question to the devvvv´s, since i haven´t found anything in the changelog.
comparing the xml-code of beta 24 and beta 25, i observe differences in the node-attributes of loaded subpatches.

  • “filename” becomes “path” in beta25
  • in beta 25, there is a “systemname”, which wasn`t there in beta24.
  • “nodename” is being created when a subpatch is loaded by CreateNode

e.g. a xml-snippet of beta 25, from the parentpatch, which hosts whirly.v4p:

<NODE componentmode="Hidden" filename="Generators\ERROL\whirly\whirly.v4p" id="0" systemname="whirly" nodename="Generators\JM\A4\A4.v4p">

whereas in beta 24 it was

<NODE componentmode="Hidden" id="0" nodename="Generators\JM\A4\A4.v4p" path="Generators\ERROL\whirly\whirly.v4p">

i especially wonder what the “nodename”-attribute is all about…
could you give me some enlightenment? i wonder for eventual implications for the project im working on…

thanks a lot

hei aiven,

please read nodes-and-paths. does that answer your question?