Change order of texture fx dynamically

Can anyone think of a way without using setpatch or texture framedelays to change the patching order of a string of texture fx?

The aim is to let the user choose the order of the effects from a gui interface, eg -

blur > edge > dots changing to dots > edge > blur


You could try with create node to switch tfx on the fly. Or you could maybe create a big tfx file and switch function with interface (DX11 only) using enum.

good idea re: dx11. Using dx9 for this projecto but could be good for later

a brute force method would be to prepare the different combinations in advance and just switch them.

Hi all,

Using some dynamic stuff here is a way that seems to work quite well - I’m not sure It meets your requirement not to use setpatch.

See attached file, feedback is welcomed

edit : btw, this required the DX11 pack

postswitcher.7z (5.4 kB)