Change input count in VL

I’m trying to group multiple (more than 2) Skia layers in VL but the Group node only shows 2 inputs. I can’t figure out how to change the input count.

Does the concept of changing input counts still exist in VL? How can I do it?
Is there another way of grouping Skia layers?

Thanks a lot!

Found the answer in

Pin group

Nodes with exactly two inputs named Input and Input 2 and one output named Output can automatically have additional inputs added/removed by pressing CTRL + or CTRL - respectively.

BTW I expected this in the right-click menu under configure.

In case it doesn’t exist yet, is it possible to add it somewhere in the menu? If there is no representation in the menu it’s near impossible to figure out the keyboard shortcuts without reading the entire manual.

it should actually be there:


Thanks, @joreg.

I would expect it under “Configure” instead of “Edit”.

Also, I think one the following would work better for me:

Ctrl + [+]
Ctrl + [-]

Ctrl + (+)
Ctrl + (-)

Ctrl + Plus
Ctrl + Minus

… or the notation used in the Gray book CTRL + and CTRL - in which case all other shortcut notations would have to lose the +, I guess.

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