Change (EX9.Geometry.Mesh)

I noticed that somebody mentioned that the BoundingBox node was broken in the screenshots section of this website.

It seems that VVVV isn’t correctly detecting when a mesh changes, i.e. nodes which work on those meshes are being called every frame, thus causing them to use up unnecessary resources.

In my subpatch, Change (Mesh) works fine when connected to XFile directly, but if i connect XFile’s Mesh pin to an IOBox (Node) to pass it out of the subpatch and into the main patch, and connect up Change (Mesh) in the main patch, i get that the mesh is constantly changing (which is untrue).

I presume that the bounding box eating up resources error is because it thinks that the mesh is constantly changing. I wonder if there’s something a-do with the way that IOBox (Node) works?

it is a known bug. thx for reminding

very interesting behaviour here:

Change (EX9.Geometry Mesh) works fine if directly linked to any “mesh”-node.
Change (EX9.Geometry Mesh) doesn’t work if linked not directly to any “mesh”-node.

but there is an exception:
Normals (EX9.Geometry Mesh) inbetween does not affect the function!

patch attached.

bug.change.mesh.v4p (19.9 kB)

hmm, yeah - will that bug be fixed in next version? try now o find a workaround but that doesn’t fell very elegant to me.