Caustics light shader node DX9 beta

Dear experts and community,

following my question 7 years ago - Caustics light shader from water simulation - I am looking for a caustics light shader node

I would also like to donate something if someone would be kind enough to write this node, preferably as an old-fashioned DX9 node if possible. The amount of the donation would be a matter of negotiation.

Thank you,

like this:

I found the beautiful Wave Simulation (DX11) “gregsn did it again”. But - its not quiet exactly what I need: requiered is not only the wave but rather the light refraction structure on the ground of the pool (preferably with adjustable fluid viscosity to make it slow motion movement). Oh oh, a bit specific request - I believe.

Now - I found a WebGL implementaition fascination, but this is all Javascript and shader code,
This might help, it’s something I tried but never really finished. It’s dx11 for beta, I haven’t tried it but some screenshots are close ish

I think I used the concept of how they were done but simplified it to 2d

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Thank you for reply catweasel !
At the moment I dont understand much, but one day maybe will ( have to inspect your work with time )

I’m busy this week, otherwise I’d have a look at it for you, make sure it still worked!