Casting Shadows

Ive been trying a bit of testing this evening and i was trying to project onto a floating shelf direct from head on and using light direction to create faux shaddows on the wall. I remember in the pas ive experimented and did this with an x mesh but am unable to get the shadows from 2 box primaitives. Do i need to join these 2 mesh’s somehow? Ive attatched the patch i was using.

shelf map.v4p (12.8 kB)

I’ve been working from the example in the ‘girlpower’ folder. The example uses a ‘PerspectiveLookAtRect’ node to generate the dmap texture which is then applied to the ‘shadowed’ surface. It’s worth a look at. Having said that I’m a noobie to VVVV and am still trying to get the shadow example to work on my own imported meshes. It fails!
Did you have any luck?

Hi Sohan, thanks for the pointers, vvvv just gets better and better! Im gonna try and create a dedicated mesh (when i get some ellusive time!) for what i want and I’ll keep you updated.

@tonfilm|tonfilm)) has ((tonfilm-ShadowsOnPlane on the topic, too.