Carriage returns

I need to make a csv file that reads
However when I use the +(string spectral) with carridge return or line feed I get a (not quite like that ) a rectangle , you know the one when theres no character in the font.
If I open in notepad and replace the with a return everythings fine.
Any ideas how I can get around this?


difficult to say, as there is still some confusion in the computer world about the question how to separate lines. See Wikipedia on Line Feed and Carriage Return

The + is equipped to add CarriageReturn AND Linefeed (13+10), just CarriageReturn (13) or just LineFeed (10). so it is able to correctly generate all combinations for all platforms.

note that most editors try to guess unreasonable things and change your file when opening files with weird combinationsof cr and lf. they also might display box characters. in doubt use a hex editor and NEVER trust notepad (even WordPad is more trustable)

note that the spectral + will only insert the characters inbetween the lines. Quote is usually helpful.

Cheers, I’ll see how it goes