Carpaint shader bug

hi, i don’t know why but if i use a box as geometry in carpaint shader, when i go fullscreen all the renderer becomes grey. After some test i found a solution. Just put between the boxgeometry and the shader a meshsplit, vertexbuffersplt, vertexbufferjoin, and a meshjoin.

edit maybe this problem exist only with nvidia cards (i have a 9800gtx)

Carpaint_fluidsolver_2009.06.12-15.08.03.jpg (84.4 kB)

the shader needs normals, i guess your box doesnt have any. not sure if this is it.

the grey renderer sounds like something else. hardware/driver crazyness ? can a shader cause dirext-x to fail ?

that could be related this other bug. if you post the patch including the shader, i could try.

here is the patch. Anyway a coarse solution is split/join geometry

carpaint_bug.rar (203.1 kB)

jep. seems fixed for beta>21. the patch works for me here in fullscreen as is.

great :)… no text …