Carnivore client & VVVV

Hi guys,
Im interested in building a carnivore client with vvvv. Im sure a few of you may
have had some experience with this as Im a total newb with utilizing network data
to controll visuals. To give you an idea of the look Im shooting for check out

Basicly I need a patch that will take carnivore data and drive various parimaters
of a shader. what I need help with is the what object to use to speak with carnvore
and what object can translate network information in real number or any other
datatype that a directX shader parimeter may understand.

My email is if you have a simple patch already made
demonstrating this. I want to use it for this for a video. The video is for a drum
and base track I put together. Its ok, but no big deal.

Any help is would be great thanks!

check: Carnivore Module
and: Carnivore Project

talk to @kiilo

It would seem I get I get no feedback from network recieve (string) )
or network recieve (vaule) when pointing at port 6667 ( canivores default
server port) I have hae turned the first pin on each of the above mentioned
patched to o and 1 one ( meaning it should listen on udp/tcp) although
I prefer UDP as it produces more activity. So that would be the first problem
I will keep working on it and ask Kiilo as well .


i didnt used netsend netreceive

download this module

and it should work - remember to open the port 6667 on you firewall (you should have), if carnivorePE is running on a remote PC


Very cool, I figuered it out but the module you provides excellent vaules
for my testing purposes. Thanks again.