Capturing pictures/overwriting of filenames


Ive just started to work with vvvv. I urgently need a working patch, so I ask here while Im seeking for an answer in FAQ`s.

I have a working patch (got from somebody). It captures pictures from my pc-webcam and saves the JPG-files every second.

My problem is: if I close a patch and start it again, it creates new JPEG-files in the same output directory and OVERWRITE the old files. The default filenames are test_1.jpg, test_2.jpg ect.

I would like to have the filenames consisting of the date and the time (when they were created: Example: 2008.06.05_15.19.27.jpg. So the Files do not overwrite each other. Does anybody have an idea?

The second question is: is it possible that the default patch starts with the system start automatically? (windows XP). How can i do this?

Thank you for your help.

Kalles Time2Filename(Astronomy) should sort your first problem, and i’m not too sure of your second problem - but i’m someone will come along and help you…

“Kalles Time2Filename(Astronomy) should sort your first problem”.

Thank you rand526. I`ll try it out.

Ive solved the second problem already. Its easy:
You put a shortcut to vvvv.exe at startup. Than properities of the shortcut : target: filename of the patch. It works (even in background).

If you just drag your main patch in there, it works even easier ;)

“If you just drag your main patch in there, it works even easier ;)”

@ West:

Ive tryed it, thats true somewhow, BUT: in this case you see the programm window on the startup. Otherwise (if you use the exe-shortcut and target-options) you can start the process hidden.

But anyway, I can`t start 2 patches on the startup at the same time (automatically, with windows start). Any idea how I can do it?


If you just need to launch your patch for an installation and get rid of windows defaut shell i’d recommand to have a look here and here.

Opening several patch at startup (or do you mean launch two instance of vvvv ?).

You can do it with:

  • a batch (see example) file starting two patches using vvvv commandline arguments.
  • a main patch containing the two other patches.

startup.bat (130 Bytes)