Capturing a video clip on one laptop ----> moving the file to ANOTHER laptop

hey all

So for a party I’m recording and saving some short clips (5-8sec each) from a webcam then projecting them as the party happens.

Problem being, the laptop hooked to the projector is a DIFFERENT laptop than the one doing the video capturing and it’s about 20 feet away…

What’s the best way to move each video file from LAPTOP A to LAPTOP B within VVVV?

There is WIFI onsite and I have an a few ethernet cords…

I’m guessing it’s smartest to save the clips to LAPTOP A’s harddrive and THEN transfer them? Or maybe I network the two together and save them directly on LAPTOP B’s hard drive?

I loathe and fear any kind of networking stuff (I literally don’t know HOW to network the computers together…but I imagine that’s quickly solved with a little googling…) so any advice is GREATLY GREATLY appreciated.


if resolution not too big, you can do two network drives and send filenames of the captured clips thru udp or osc, then make a queue of filenames on your second laptop and play it from the list ;]

Mirror (File Network) - module also may be useful.


That would be the first thing to do. Basically it’s no rocketscience.
there are some guides for newbies in the interweb. but look for exactly your OS…

and come out of your anonymity…