Capture window

Hi guys, is it possible to capture a normal window as a video source? Windows media encoder has the ability to capture screen/window so I wondered if it’s possible to do this directly or via win api so I can manipulate the result in real time via vvv. Excuse any vagueness as I haven’t been able to play with vvvv as of late.

i guess ScreenShot (EX9.Texture) is what you looking for. together with HWND (Windows):

CaptureWindow.v4p (3.2 kB)

This looks promising, I’ll have a play. Thank ya tonfilm!

It certainly works but the HWND node ouputs -1 no matter what string I feed it. I have tried both part and full window titles. Any help appreciated.

Update: no prob, I’ve discovered WindowLists!

Weird thing: your patch worked so I modded it a little simply to allow me to select the window title. Everything was fine but the next day it would not work. So I re-downloaded your patch to start again and now this also does not work even though it’s unaltered. Bug? The only other thing I have modified (but not on the original) is a “MainLoop” node but this shouldn’t affect anything if I have restarted vvvv, correct? I have even reboot the machine but still no luck getting it running again.