Capture w/Fraps 60fps?

I have patch with lots of feedback textureFX (particles etc.), therefore i need to run it with fixed FrameRate to get desire look
so Mainloop is filtered and everything runs smoothly at 60fps with CPU load app.80 % and GPU 70% until i try to capture with FRAPS
any setting i tried FRAPS bring down my vvvv frame rates to 45 fps
is there some tricks to capture 60 fps at least 1024x786?
thanks in adv and cheers

if you don’t have any real-time inputs then set Time Mode to Incremental on MainLoop and the fps’s to 60, record with fraps with 30 fps, and then convert that video to play on 60 fps (in virtualdub for instance) voila you have half-realtime rendering in vvvv:D

Hi microdee
it doesnt help: incremental 60 mainloop + Fraps’s 30fps slow down v4 to 24fps
all feedback are running super slow
P.S. i dont mind capture 30fps, if i find the way to keep patch running at 60fps

Which version of fraps are you using?
the last ones have better performance.

The incremental time mode is for non realtime rendering basically. when I face this kind of situation I rather save an image sequence with vvvv’s Writer (EX9.Texture) and put it together in the desired fps in after effects. This method requires however recording all external realtime inputs to a file before

@lasal: 3.5.3
@microdee: now i understand your work-around. i have all input pre-rendered, so i let v4 incremental produce all frames for 60fps , captured by fraps by 30 fps, and in post just speed it up x2.