Capture animation with other device?


I want to capture an animation, but the writer node is very slow.
i´ve tried with a screen video capture, but i can´t open the video file in after effects or premiere, or the video shows weird.

there is another way or device to record or capture de video out (vga or svideo) at 30 fps in a good resolution?
i´ve tested with my camera´s video in but the result is not good

a dvd recorder? other computer?

thanks a lot

if you do fraps as screen capture, be aware of your project settings:
premiere and other soft usually opens in dv std. if your file is not dv, or AVi DV fitting ( 720x576 px) it will not work.
you should use for premiere “windows AVI” in your project video settings, set a rez, and then have back your recorded stream.
be aware of some interlacing, desinterlacing needs, sometimes.

Thanks karistouf,


if your animation is not dependent on realtime input data, you can render your animation with any size or frame rate in increment mode. see the help patch of the Writer NRT.

Thanks tonfilm but it depends on realtime audio data :(
i´m going to capture with an other computer with a capture device.


hum… i dont remember the name or the link of this app, but someone has posted something about separating the dual core possibilities under win and vvvv… maybe it could help ?

wich solution will you take lasal, to record ? HDMI recorder ?

I´ll try with a pinacle video capture device, with another computer,
i hope it runs. ;)
I only need dvd resolution.
With a standar dvd recorder is enough?

thanks, and sorry for my english.

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