Can't use generic nodes in a patch

Gamma asks to move the whole patch to generic type to run some nodes as TryParse.
Even when datatype of TryParse input is the same as required.
Do I really need to move the whole path tp generic type? Or am I do something wrong with the patch?

that’s because TryParse does not know yet to what type it should try to parse the value. If you connect a Float IOBox it should be ok


that’s a big feature, as soon as you connect the pins to a node that has a certain type, the nodes will infer the required type and select the right one for you.

so instead of feeling nervous when parts of the patch are grayed out and show this message, you can see it as a feature that you can use to your advantage. it takes a bit getting used to, but as soon as you got it, it’s actually quite natural.

eventually you will connect this output somewhere that has a concrete type and then everything becomes clear.

Got it.
Thank you, sebescudie and tonfilm.

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