Can't start vvvv

I try to fo step by step to go through the first tutorial.
I start vvvv.exe and see the rotating squares demo.
Than I delte the args.txt file, as explained, but this is the last step I can make. Alt+f4 won’t close my window (thoug other windows are clsing when I press it).
Then, if I delete the args.txt and close the vvvv window (right click>close on the vvvv rubric on the window tool bar),I’m not being asked about saving changes, and when I try to run vvvv again I don;t get the empty gray window.
I see the rubric of vvvv on the window tool bar but I cannot get a display of the actual window.
I cannot switch to it by alt+tab, it is simply not among all other opened applications.
I try to press space+right click (no middle bot on my notepad) but I cannot see any menus or get any respons.

I have 3dmax installed on my computer, if it matters.

MAny thanks


hi yoavi,

@1st: be welcome here!

@2nd: indeed there are some known issues with vvvv and 3dmax.
search this site for “3dmax” or “3d max” or “3d-max”…

for what i remember i think you’ve been the first one who was able to start vvvv with positve results in the renderer!

your symptoms of your second startup of vvvv do look a lots more similar to other “3d-max phenomenons”.

i’m not the right person to offer you detailed help but please stay patient: our community is really awake and helpful. i don’t think that you have to wait long…

your detailed style in describing those phenomenons will help you for sure.


Hi yoavi

what operating system are you running?

I saw a similar, not the same, problem with a vista machine a little while back. Managed to get it working by running once as Administrator. Then it seemed fine. If you right click on your vvvv.exe file, then click “run as…” and select admin.

Might work. not sure otherwise.

Hi, I’m runnig VISTA, and I will try to tun as admin, when I get home.
Meanwhile I tried runnig vvvv on my office comuter and got an error massage that the application fail to start because d3dx9_30.dll is missing, and that I should reinstall.
There is no insalltion, only the EXE file.


I think d3dx9_30.dll is part of DirectX. Have you installed all the additional installations on the download page?

Have you read the Installation section on the download page?

Thanks, I will try to install directx, but as I siad, this is on nmy office comuter, and vvvv is not (yet) something I can sit and learn at work, I want it at home, were I’m relaxed and confort, so my problem remians - cant close with alt+f4,cant see the menus and can’t get the blank grey after deleting the args.txt, in anyone has a solutions I’ll be hear to hear…
Thanks again

some of those issues are reported in regular intervals.

sadly i don’t have permissions to edit Downloads

IMHO it should look like

Required Downloads

  • SlimDX End User Runtime (March 2009 SP1) a .net wrapper for DirectX needed for some of the plugins. This install will also update your native DirectX version.
    **latest native DirectX version (only needed if for some reaseon you don’t want to install the SlimDX runtime).
  • .net 2.0 needed for all vvvv plugins. (Probably not needed when already installed the SlimDX Runtime).


  • extract the vvvv directory from the .zip archive to a nice place on your harddisk.
  • start vvvv.exe (at least once with administrator privileges!)

Known Problems

*problems with 3ds-max

recommended additional Downloads

EDIT: misread your last post and answered stupidly. Then thought read it again. haha

Hi Again, well . I managed to run VVVV on my laptop, it seems that “run as admin” wasn’t prefroming the requested task, but I used the check-box (always run as admin) in the capability tab in the propertiese window, and this works!! thanks again.

Now my problem is with my desk-top computer.
It runs vista ultimate 64-bit, and when I try to run VVVV I get the error massage of the “d3dx9_30.dll file cannot be found”.I installd the slimDx, and the .net2 (not the one from the link, but the 64-bit version, offered in microsoft’s site), but still I get the same massage.

any idea?

OK, I got it now, it gave the error massage when I had DX 10, now I installed DX 9 and it all works fine.


i have added a faq on this topic here