Can't see forum posts when logged in, but can when anonymous

The topic says it well enough. Is anyone else experiencing this? I can post, but when I’m logged in nothing shows up in the forum. Same in chrome, firefox and edge.

Makes it hard to reply, so I won’t be able to post again here until I can work out what’s wrong. Any suggestions?

So… can you read this answer?

Not when I’m logged in, but when I’m logged out, yes. Pretty weird.

Looks like I’m able to see posts via the Activities page while logged in which is why I can reply to this post at all, but it’s not really ideal.

I guess I’ll try logging in on another computer at some point and see if that makes a difference. Different browser and clearing cache don’t seem to have done anything.

I think things just glitched. It’s behaving differently now. Just needed to select and deselect one of the categories.

This is something “going wrong” on server, imho. Also probably difficult to track down.

Differently as properly?

It sounds like you somehow clicked the tags at the top of the activities page, just under where it says Activities.
You can check that all tags a dark, if not, you can press reset tags to reset them.

Differently as in properly, yeah.

Sunep, that’s what I assumed at first when clicking on the tags fixed the issue, but upon double checking it turned out that it was set correctly from the outset but wasn’t displaying anything anyway.