Can't save the patch

Can’t save the patch

Could not rename last working patch to backup. Is it open in another program?: C:\Users\iisab\OneDrive\Documentos\vvvv\beta\Mis proyectos\Proyecto final\proyecto final\Proyecto bichos marinos_2.v4p → C:\Users\iisab\OneDrive\Documentos\vvvv\beta\Mis pr

hey lisabel,

it looks like you’re working in a OneDrive folder. this could certainly be the source of you problem, as OneDrive has an eye on your files which may cause the error.

so please try saving your patches in a folder that is not watched by sync software like onedrive or dropbox.

unrelated: in case you’re new to vvvv, also consider looking at the all-new vvvv gamma instead of starting with the by now rather dated vvvv beta.