Can't open node

Just installed 2021.4.11 and I can’t open any nodes. Is this a bug or a feature ?


There is a new setting called “Browsable packages” which you have to enable.

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Weird stuff… thanks anyway

Could be in preparation for disabling the pre-compilation of packages in 22.5

Right, but as a beginner I thought I could learn straight from the existing nodes without having to toggle anything.


Ufff… yeah, that is one perspective. But I think you’re talking about a person that is beginning to actually program VL, which in my opinion is someone who has already left the user / beginner / fellow patcher terrain.

IMO hiding away the VL code of packages is really great. The speed improves the UX so much and it takes away this overwhelming feeling that beginners have when they are exposed to the depth of this program - while they actually just want to PATCH. And once people get interested in what is going on behind the scenes they will find out about that option for sure.

It makes sense. Thanks

if I check “browsable packages” it doesn’t make any changes.
The “open” function of patches is still disabled. I am using 2022.5.0394.
Am I doing someting wrong or is it a bug?

Yes, in 2022.5 that feature is still work in progress and currently won’t have any effect.

2022.5 pre-compiles nuget packages. The patches are not loaded at all, that’s why it starts much faster and needs far less resources. To make that feature work again we first need to come up with a reasonable way to load and open those patches in some sort of read-only mode.


Hi Elias, Thanks for the background infos. Looking forward to further aporoaches.


Browsable packages are now also implemented in upcoming previews of 2022.5 - when you enable the setting you’ll be able to browse into all nodes. Compared to 2021.4 any changes you make there will not get picked up. You’ll also not be able to see any values. A banner at the top of the patch will tell you if a patch is only browsable. On the upside browsing will be quick and have no unwanted side-effects on your running patch.

Should you for any reason need to edit the patches of a package you’ll find a new entry called “Editable packages” in the settings. Any package you set there will be excluded from pre-compilation and loaded from source (including all the packages which depend on it) after a restart. Once you’re satisfied with your changes to the package you can remove them from that list an things will be back to normal.


Recently, I wanted to write about this problem

I find it difficult to work with my patches because this tab is hidden, even within a specific project that I am patching myself. I’ll create a function and then I can’t find it on the canvas, and the “open” button is just inactive - I used to use it all the time to break the project into smaller parts and then go to them.

On the one hand, disabling this feature improves program performance and code readability. But important UX mechanics are lost. How about creating a “Source” menu item in cases where a patch is opened from another file? and for example, if a node is opened from another file that is not open, why not mark it as source? (e.g. with a green outline or background change) And if the file is open, then it is already open for editing, or make two menu items, source and edit

@yar please read Elias’ comment above, then re-evaluate with latest 2022.5 preview and report back if you still see any issues.

@joreg, thanks
Really works and feels great


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