Can't make PS3 eyecam working


I bought PS3 eyeCam, downloaded CLeye driver, installed image pack and tried PS3eyemulti.

None of them works.

VideoIn(directshow) node doesn’t show CLeye driver (only the PC’s webcam driver is available)

Other VideoIn nodes (such as CLEye, CV…) are grey but without pins.
PS3eyemulti node is red.

I must be missing something…

Is anyone using PS3eyecam with VVVV ?
How can I achieve this ?
Thanks !


Are you on 64bit? The image pack only works with 32. Do you see anything with the CodeLaboratories Basic Application?

Hi !
Yes I’m on Win7 64.
The cam works well with CL-eye test app.

Any idea ?

Are you using the 64 bit version of vvvv, or the 32 bit? the image-pack only works with the 32 bit version.

I’m using x64 version.
Can I use 32 bit version to fix the problem, even if my OS is 64 bit ?

Woooo ! It works with 32bit version.

Thank you so much drehwurm !