Can't insert EX9 renderer

Hi there, I have a problem, with the ex9 renderer node. I can’t create an ex9 renderer node and get the error

couldn’t find/create node without name (ID: 1) in patch 0.v4p ////.

I have vvvv on a macbook with bootcamp.

Has anybody an idea?

hei pyriol, not familiar with bootcamp at all but maybe here is some information: best practices when using bootcamp

hei joreg, thanks for the link. unfortunately there is no solution for my problem. it’s mysterious, when i try to insert the ex9 renderer, neither the render window, nor the node itself appears. when i open a node with ex9 renderer in it, the node isn’t present.

hm…i am not familiar at all with bottcamp but i guess it has to do with the graphic card driver then. can you see if you have the latest installed for your card!?

the graphic card driver comes with the bootcamp installer and there seems to be no easy way to change the version of the driver.
maybe somebody with bootcamp can tell me whether it is necessary to install the driver manually? I have just found an instruction, but it is a little bit complicated:

joreg, you are right: graphic card driver was the problem. Thank you very much!

i have just to read carefully … it was not so complicated to install it manually.