Can't create camera on client, boygrouping


I am trying to run simple boygrouped patch with renderer and camera
but i can’t create camera or projector. On client pc it appear but without outputs

tty = could not find/ create node in path d:/…

folder structure is same and all nodes are there

by boygrouping i can create some “simple” nodes like dir, transform quad etc. but for example 3d nodes projecotr, camera, bones or other no

manually on client i can create those nodes

i tried to import modules folder to the root patch but doesn’t help

what am i doing vvvvrong?

thanks for help

there was such a bug that was supposed to be fixed with beta27. if you’re on beta27 please try my suggestions here:


on server i had beta27 but went back for beta26
on client still beta26

i try to remove modules from client but nothing change

is it normal that i see on client also gray nodes? (projector, perfmeter…)

so maybe it can be something from beta27 which i didn’t rewrite with downgrading to older version?

hei, that is not a good idea to use different versions of vvvv in a boygroup. server and all clients strictly should have the same version. so please try again with beta27 and report back.

and jes, it is normal to see gray nodes on clients.