Canon eos 1000D direct grab

I saw this idea on the shoutbox and it attracted my attention.
Connection to a pc from a digital camera usually is either to read the internal/memory card data or to use it as a web cam.
What I d like to do is to grab picture and have them directly available on my pc to be used as textures.
The option to trigger the shot from within vvvv would be an extra but it s not really necessary, what it really interests me is to be able to capture high quality images and having them available within a fraction of second (a few seconds would be ok as long as I don t have to mount partitions and so on…) as a texture.
The model I have available atm is a Canon eos 1000D (not listed on CHDK) but still I am interested to know more about this functionality, eventually for future shopping.
Are there similar projects for other brands or any camera that can do that natively?

finally we found proper solution with
copying 2Mb photo in about 10 sec.

but i still continue tests with chdk

geee nothing much more to be invented… :)
I would go better for a cheap second hand Powershot ATM anyway…

but with these you can hide pc and walk around with camera)

That is true and gives me a bunch of nice ideas (evil grin on my face…)
Still for my actual project I d go for soemthing on the CHDK kind…

hey bo27, how are these eye fi cards working for you ?

is it possible to erase files when using the wireless connection ?