Cannot use Humanizer.Core


Wanted to use the Humanizer.Core nuget under 5.0-535. The nuget installs correctly, but soon as I try to add the dependency to my document, the Dependencies section turns red with no other signs of failure :

When inspecting the dependencies menu, it looks like vvvv is trying to load the netstandard1.0 version of the nuget :

But when inspecting the nuget’s folder, there’s indeed a net6.0 folder.

Repro steps :

  • Create a fresh document
  • nuget install Humanizer.Core
  • Add Humanizer.Core as a dependency to your document
  • Close and re-open the document menu : Dependencies should now be red
  • Try to find Humanizer nodes in the help browser : they don’t show up

Thanks in advance!

edit : eh, that’s weird, the Dependencies menu mentions Humanizer.Core 2.2.0, but my nuget folder only contains Humanizer.Core.2.14.1.

edit 2 : I could indeed find the 2.2.0 version of Humanizer.Core on my system in C:\Users\Blah\.nuget\packages\humanizer.core\2.2.0.

Hm must be because we somehow have a dependency on that package as well. In those cases vvvv locks the version down to the one it uses itself (loading the same assembly in multiple versions comes with its own issues) - that would explain the 2.2.0. Now why it can’t find the assembly we need to investigate. In the meantime you could reference the dll from our install folder, that should get you going at least (even though it’s not the newest version).

Thanks for the headsup.

Would that workaround work when building a patch? :)

Not sure what you mean

Was just wondering if I could export a patch referencing that dll from the vvvv install folder - guess it would work fine.

I think so

You’ll find a fix in the next preview.

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