Cannot type backtick in Type field

hello hello,

Since 2021.4.10 you cannot use a backtick in the Type field. It gets automagically deleted.

This behavior does not occur in 2021.4.9.



please clarify “backtick” and “Type field”

  • By backtick I mean the character followed by a number which is used in type parameters such as

Those can sometimes show up with imported types.

  • By Type field I mean the field that shows up when you set a type on a pad.

As you can see on this gif from 2021.4.10, the backtick does not even show up in the type field though I’m typing it :


On 2021.4.9, it works just fine


So the repro steps would simply be :

  • On 2021.4.9, create a pad and try to type it with a backtick, it works
  • Do the same on 2021.4.10, the backtick character does not show up

thanks for this report. fixed for upcoming release.

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