Cannot record from Line-In on Vista

Hi there!

I recently wanted to build a little music visualisation which reacts on sound from line-in. I built my patch on a WinXP machine and the AudioIn device enumerator showed all kinds of inputs, including the LineIn.

Now when I start the patch on a Vista machine, the device enumerator only shows the microphone input, which has very bad sound quality, to say the least. Using an AudioRecordSelector isn’t that useful, because it doesn’t allow me to change the actual recording channel (mic, line-in, stereo mix etc.), but just the device, which is something like “Realtek HD Audio” and “Bluetooth Audio”. Even when I select the Realtek thing there, any enumerator IOBox only shows the Microphone although I can /see/ the Line-In in Vista’s recording settings.

The recording mixer on Vista has changed quite a bit from XP, so I’m not really sure whether this is a VVVV or general Vista problem. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

Thanks for your help,

hi, you need other drivers than vista delivered.
i had the same problem.

i use driver now as follows:

SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio

i’m not sure if my attached file will be uploaded, else look over the web.

Hi, I don’t think you has to change your drivers you should only right click in the recording mixer tab and select “show deactivated devices” or something like this. Then after a restart of vvvv the audio input node enumaration list should have the other inputs too.