Cannot export when VL.Stride referenced as source repo 2022.5 preview-536

When exporting the help file “Overview 3D Primitives” when VL.Stride is referenced as source package the following build errors happen:

Mostly unresolvable dependencies. This might be helpful:

It happens when a project and a nuget of the same dependency are referenced, but that is just a guess. Unfortunately, this issue is high urgency and currently blocking a project.

Any idea when or how quickly this might be resolved? We need to be able to build a .exe quite soon and are too far into switching to the new 2022.5 to go back to 2021.

Is it realistic to get someone to take a look till the end of this week or early next week?

Thank you, devvvvs!

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This works in the latest preview-573, thanks for fixing it so quickly.

Two issues remain, however. When starting VL.Stride.sln from visual studio and trying to export, a file access violation happens. It looks like the build process wants to copy the vvvv binaries that are currently in use: PrivateBin

But you can then close vvvv and open the solution in visual studio. It will display some errors for linked shader, if in use, but you can ignore them.

The only issue then is that the file geometry3sharp.dll is missing and there are some errors related to that. This can be fixed by copy&pasting one line in the file VL.Stride.vl.csproj and make it into:


<Reference Include="vvvv.geometry3sharp" HintPath="C:\SomePathToBinary\vvvv_gamma\vvvv.geometry3sharp.dll" />

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