Cannot create / edit plugins

Hello there,

if I try to clone a template in my patch I get an error that says

00:06:23 - : Assembly of C:\.....\Patches\plugins\ValueTemplatetest\ValueTemplatetest.csproj is not up to date. Need to recompile ...

The plugin is then created at the specified place but it keeps its name ‘Template’ when I drag it into my patch. Also, if I right-click a(nother) template the tty says:

00:12:33 ERR : Exception during reporting a mouse down: Die gefundene Manifestdefinition der Assembly stimmt nicht mit dem Assemblyverweis überein. (Ausnahme von HRESULT: 0x80131040)
00:12:33  -  : To help us track this error down, enable the ExceptionDialog via the menu or starting vvvv with /showexceptions.

This only happens in the patch I’m currently working on, not if I try the same thing with a frech patch.
Any ideas?


Hm hard to say what’s going wrong - any chance you can zip the whole thing and send it to us? Also tell us what vvvv version and what packs in what version you’ve installed.

oh boy… it’s way too big to zip and send. Will have to thin it down and by doing that, probably will find the bug anyways ;)
I’ll see if I’ll get around to doing that next week. Thanks, elias!

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