Cannot connect Float to GPU<Float>


I’m trying to connect an Integrator to the Time pin of a Neurons [Stride.Textures.Source] node.


Since 5.3-0006, the Integrator complains it’s Unable to resolve adaptive node + :


It only works if I type the Integrator first, and then connect it to Neurons :


In 5.3-0002, I could have the Integrator automagically typed when connecting to Neurons


I also noticed (but cannot repro) that the problem would vanish when connecting a tooltip after the Neurons. Sadly, I could not repro that anymore.

This behavior is still present under latest (5.3-0018) preview.

Thanks in advance!


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Looks as if two features collide:

  • Neurons now accepting GPU<Float32> (TextureFX got updated lately)
  • Integrator being generic

The type inference now infers GPU<Float32> for the generic pins of the Integrator and fails to find the + node for GPU<Float32>.
As soon as you connect an IOBox it will work again. The order you connect things isn’t important. But, yes, it’s true that the system now needs a little bit more help in order to figure out what to do.

Sorry for the inconvenience.