Cannot add contributions?

Hi all.

I’m still learning here, however i’m a little confused with the process of adding contributions? I have created a folder called ‘vvvv_contributions’ however i see no way to set this path within vvvv? The documentation directs me to the ‘root.v4p’ and to follow the instructions in this patch… well the patch has nothing in it!

I have re-downloaded just in case i had accidentally deleted the content but no joy.


any help would be greatly appreciated!


So if you open a new empty patch, and press alt+r, does a patch open, does it have anything in?

“Contribution” is the folder where I keep contributions. This folder can have any name.

“Add paths to a folder for all downloaded contributions and another for all your own nodes.”

Right click where is the cursor in image, then search and select “vvvv_contributions” folder.

vvvv_contributions folder must contain these three folders


exactly with those three names, if you want vvvv to find them.

Then you put modules in modules etc.

I usually create a folder with contributor’s name like:

A newbie might be interested in this: a module is a patch. Any patch can be a module (except native root.v4p)

I feel like a bit of an idiot, but i was simply opening ‘root.v4p’ expecting instructions in there… !

Im now humbly corrected…! Alt+r works absolutely fine! Thanks!


yep, i figured it out! totally misunderstood initially. got it now, thanks!