Can vvvv control to 20videos (about 8Gb)?

i wanna control to 20videos by vvvv
but i’m first time in vvvv

so, i wanna know that

Thank you!

What do you mean with “20 videos” ? If you mean 20 videoclips then the matter is if your computer can stand it. Shouldn t be any problem for vvvv afaik.

Yeah I think the answer is possibly, if you want them all at the same time, depends on HD speed (your going to want multiple ssd’s I’d think) Resolution, codec, cpu, and maybe gfx card, if you use gfx card accelerated coedcs.
HD speed is likely to be the most important factor.

short answer: yes vvvv can do

long answer: you will need multiple computers set up in a boygroup (or OSC sync), especially if you want 20xHD resolution

@min: maybe you should try to explain more precise what you want to do.

I’d like to make 20 videos two videoplaylists which include 10 videos separately and choose one between two lists after user input in order to play video next, back, main according to the input. How can I work this?

You can use two file loader nodes into textures and create a shader that can crossfade between two textures. You then load the other side while one side is playing to avoid stutter of the video. You can get creative with the mixing too in the shader if you get into it.

Have a look at @davids Slideshowmodule.