Can pro res be used with vvvv

hello there!
Has anyone tried to use pro res footage with vvvv? is it possible? any insights?
My experience with pro res is rather positive but i am not sure if it is possible to use it with vvvv


just out of interest: why would you wanna do that? (as the data rate seems a bit steep for hd atleast…)

we are editing on a mac and pro res is the codec we are using. I was just wondering if we need to convert it to a different file or use straight out of the box.
In that case, what would be the most optimal code for vvvv?


@efe i tried once and didn’t succeed (but that was 3 years ago)
since vvvv does not use quicktime itself you have/had to install quicktime alternative to use .mov and at that time qt.alternative did not support pro res

rule number 1:
always search on the wiki

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