Can I Read a Shoutcast audio stream directly into vvvv?

Hello, I’m trying to figure a way to read in an audio stream from the shoutcast website directly into vvvv. I did try entering the web address of the stream directly into the Filestream (DShow9) to see if that would work but sadly it didn’t.

Shoutcast makes streams available in the following formats.

Winamp > .pls
Windows media player > .ask
Real Player > .ram
QuickTime > .qtl

Im going to continue investigating this tonight, but any guidance would be greatly appreciated.



Im stuck for ideas here, can anyone help?

Im trying to stream this link directly into vvvv

Or can anyone recommend an internal audio loopback software solution?

will the vlc player not do it?

i just found this! seems pretty powerful especially the banana!

edit: nope this is actually more powerful

Hi Cat, I couldn’t seem to get the VLC plugin to work or maybe I was doing something wrong. The stand alone VLC player did work ok though. Thanks microdee I’ll have a look at them Tonite.