CAN bus


I want to drive a motor controller with v4 thanks to a USB to CAN converter.

I found this old contribution : peak-can-usb but there is no patch in the archive. And its mentionned that it does not works with vvvv64b…

But maybe there is another up to date solution now?

I guess I can also do this with a simple rs232 node. But if someone as some tips to save time, it would be super cool!

Thanks by advance

yea if i remember the peak dll was 32 bit only, but maybe they got a 64 bit version as well, should actually only be changing the referenced dll to make it work.

the plugin works anyhow, still got it in use to control and read a cars on board system.

i can give you some examples if needed. Did a lot of reverse engineering on BMW cars and am able to read out / change a lot of their messages. you can contact me on skype. So I mainly designed that plugin with a Cars Bus system in mind with high precision timing of cyclic messages.