Can anyone recommend a RFID reader?

Hi all,

has anyone done a project using an rfid reader, and can recommend one?

all the best

this one works well with the arduino.

thx for the suggestions, but now
it looks like I need RFID + NFC.

the phidget device and the starter kit don’t seem to support NFC.

the breakout board can be hooked up via usb.
will 6 devices work on one usb controller?

i need 24 devices in total, so a cheaper option would be great.
we tested the GO2NFC reader, but found it to be quite unstable.
even with the original software :/


Check this NFC thread (also does RFID):

Now for most RFID readers, ther is no nfc fucntion. becasue UHF coulod function as well as nfc.

Generallly, for a project, this Handheld UHF RFID Reader could match your need.

You could check it.

Hope it could help you.

hi schlonzo,

i am an engineer in rfid solution field.
what kind of project are you recently doing?

for rfid reader, i can recommend you [rfid readers](rfid readers)
You can firstly refer.


You can refer these rfid readers firstly.

by the way, could you inform more information about your project?
maybe i could help you.

i am engineer in rfid solution.