Camera's position in virtual scene

Please, I need some help. I’m still fighting with my project which is a mixture of video mapping and AR.

Using the ARTK+ Tracker node I get a ModelView OpenGL matrix for each detected marker. I need to “extract” the camera’s position in the 3D scene somehow, in order to translate and rotate it and get the projector’s point of view (the projector is located about 20 cm below the camera) and project the texture onto a box in real world.

I’m adding my patch and a texture + the marker that is being detected.
I would be very, VERY grateful for any help.

tracking cam proj2.v4p (53.5 kB)
marker + texture.rar (69.1 kB)

hey mayast,

in order to find the cameras pose and fov i’d recommend using the SolvePnP and CalibrateCamera nodes from @elliotwoods)) ((contribution:vvvv.packs.image

in there is also a CalibrateProjector node that may help for your actual problem but that i am not sure about.