Camera works in beta16 but does not in beta17

And it’s a specific type of camera. It’s an A4TTECH, don’t know the specific model. I know it’s only this camera because I also have a M$ LifeCam, and it works.

I tested opening a brand new patch, then opening a Renderer (TTY). Whenever I put the VideoIn node, VVVV freezes. And I have to kill the process to close it.

The Renderer (TTY) shows the normal info when adding a VideoIn.

Does it make sense? I have a patch for tracking that works like a charm in beta16, but freezes in beta17 using this camera.


hmhmhm…does it really freeze as soon as you create the VideoIn node or only as soon as you hover one of its outputs with the mouse?

also make sure no Inspektor is open. then see if simply creating a VideoIn node works and vvvv only freezes when hovering any of the nodes output.

Think I have the same problem. First I thought is was the camera messing up but now I have to test with an earlier version.

BTW the lockup for me is total. vvvv.exe can’t be ended by any means, no app out there can kill it.
Also the driver for the camera locks up. It’s still there in the device manager after you unplug it. And of course than hangs as well when it does not get a response from the driver.
Ill be back when I have tested an earlier version of vvvv.

Beta 16 works great. Beta 17 hangs.
Restarting the computer is the only way to fix it for me.
So something has to mess with the driver or direct show in beta 17.
Any ideas on what to test so we can solve this bug?

The fault is clearly in beta 17 or triggered by something in beta 17 but not in beta 16.

please see my answer above and tell me exactly when it freezes for you.

It hangs as soon as I hover over an output pin. The window locks up for a short while but after that it can be moved around (but without position information).
I have to shut down the computer with the power button.

Sorry for the delay in the answer, I was out of the office until today here.

It’s the same to me. It freezes when I hover the mouse over an output pin. Also, the process cannot be killed. I have to wait a long time for vvvv.exe to be gone from the processes tab of the task manager window, and even after it’s gone I can’t start it again. I have to restart the computer after this, and it takes a long time to do it.

Tested on two different computers and two different USB ports.

The weird part is that my other camera (the LifeCam I mentioned above) is working. Too bad it’s not my IR camera. :)

same issue here,it freezes once create videoin node,and i have to restart the computer, it can’t be killed in the task manager.

same for me, but only with my cheepo camera (think its also a A4 Tech) - my logitech just works fine!

ah forgot to say: tested under vista and xp … same issues

ouright, i do have a suspect for the freeze. and i changed …something…for beta18. hope that was it.