Camera(TransformOrbit) Still broken in Alpha

The over renderer is still broken so the camera orbits when you click and drag in a patch

ai cat, this is now fixed in latest alpha by having introduced a new module: Mouse (Devices Window Camera) which is used by the camera nodes.

Ok, well this is set up for a dx 9 renderer, so doesn’t work out the bag with a dx11, but also the handle from point is returning the wrong handle anyway so I cant get it to work with a dx11 renderer, it might be because I have multiple monitors (3) if I put my mouse far to the right of the screen it works, but then starts orbiting without a mouse click, so still not right pt2!

thanks for pointing that out. please try again with latest alpha.

got new issue with this, now if i connect it to temp target and use preview it won’t let u rotate ur camera since the window name is not a Renderer anymore… Need to add that case to a modulo, quick hack did’t worked (((

quick fix… no text …

Mouse (Devices Window Cyclic).v4p (51.3 kB)

good point. but i fixed that for our 3 camera modules (2d, softimage, orbit) rather than for the mouse-module itself.